Here in my first ever Blog I would like to explore the word “blog” itself. It is slightly negative sounding, blog. Like a descriptive adjective: “I feel so uneasy and blog today”. It could even replace words like “dread”. Just imagine encountering “the Blog Pirate Roberts” on the Sea of Cyber. Perhaps the verb is the best. The infinitive “to blog” seems obvious enough but what about the gerund: “blogging”? I think I need to buy some blogging shoes and a matching Adidas blogging outfit. You gotta have the right gear. As a verb, it can lend legitimacy to an otherwise offensive command of an impossible physical act: “go blog yourself” is quite gentile as a suggestion to someone who has heretofore had some else do their blog posting and now must do it themselves. But I have to say, my first impression of the word is that it sounds Germanic and a bit Baltic/Balkan which to my ear, right or wrong, gives it a hard vibe and is automatically marginally pejorative (See “Blog the Impaler”). In closing, this blogging thing was rather easy if I can assume I have done it correctly, then anyone can do it, even federal inmate, ex-governors who share the name (see BLOG-oy-oh-vich) who most likely, while in prison has helped create yet another meaning of the verb “to be blogged” !  Too soon?

-Paul Bolger