As we venture down this road and get this amazing musical facility built, we will be posting musical musings as well as information about the experience here for all of you to see and comment on.  Please keep an eye on this space to interact with us as we post about different aspects of the business – remember, Wire only works if you get involved!

I will be posting here, but so will all of the partners, and I gotta say – it’s pretty exciting.  Just this evening I was with my 4 year old twins and the great percussionist, Kalyan Pathak, watching as he went through all the myriad drums he has in his workspace, telling them info about the cultures they came from, and letting them touch and play them as he went – and it was miraculous to see the kind of interest and engagement real hands-on interaction with music can bring out, even in someone so young.  And that kind of joy of discovery still happens – at least for me – when I am able to really interact with a talent like KP in an environment that is comfortable, and warm – and that’s what we’re building for ALL musicians of all ages and skills.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

– Chris Neville