Wire Recorders – the label cometh!

The First 3 WR Albums

So why a label?  Wire has always been oriented towards creating a more vibrant musical community – one that can not only provide a hub for musicians and patrons, but as a place that can really serve musicians and Music in a meaningful way – first in our local community, and then in the areas beyond.  Distribution is an unknown frontier to most these days, and the old models no longer function.  While we do not claim to have all the answers, we know we can help artists on our label to achieve greater heights with our help, both in performing at Wire, and with our help in promotion, marketing, and of course production.

A word about our first three artists: Everybody Says Yes, Terry White, and Pipes – these are some of the best people it has ever been my privilege to work with, and they represent what Wire Recorders is all about.  They all were excited to try some new production styles, and were amazingly adaptable and gracious in the studio.  It helps when you have great material to start with – and they all did.  But more than that, these are true ambassadors of Music with a capital ‘M’ – they share their ideas and art openly, and are all wonderful collaborators with many many other projects.  As we go forward, I know they will all help to foster the kind of community we are working so hard to develop and grow.

We are extremely proud of all three of these records – my partner Jon Smith and I worked hard to make them sound good, and I think we accomplished that and more.  All the artists were amazing to record, and everyone who played on the records was a total pro – every label should have it so good!  We hope you will come out and join us at the launch party tomorrow night, but even if you can’t, we hope you will support these acts, and support our label – either by stopping by the club and buying the records while you’re there, or getting them online, or maybe at some of the local record stores that will be stocking WR releases.  We are building something special in Berwyn – come and join us!

-Chris Neville



Well, we made it.  The Opening weekend was a huge success, and we are grateful for all the wonderful people who came out and supported us in force.  Sure, there were issues – some of them significant – but from start to finish, our amazing staff was on top of it, and got through all of them with aplomb.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be continuously fine tuning our operations, and our facility too.  We will fix the problems we know about now, and address new ones as they come up too.  Our goal is to be a benefit to the community both internally and externally, and we know that great things are coming – looking forward to seeing you there!

Chris Neville



Here in my first ever Blog I would like to explore the word “blog” itself. It is slightly negative sounding, blog. Like a descriptive adjective: “I feel so uneasy and blog today”. It could even replace words like “dread”. Just imagine encountering “the Blog Pirate Roberts” on the Sea of Cyber. Perhaps the verb is the best. The infinitive “to blog” seems obvious enough but what about the gerund: “blogging”? I think I need to buy some blogging shoes and a matching Adidas blogging outfit. You gotta have the right gear. As a verb, it can lend legitimacy to an otherwise offensive command of an impossible physical act: “go blog yourself” is quite gentile as a suggestion to someone who has heretofore had some else do their blog posting and now must do it themselves. But I have to say, my first impression of the word is that it sounds Germanic and a bit Baltic/Balkan which to my ear, right or wrong, gives it a hard vibe and is automatically marginally pejorative (See “Blog the Impaler”). In closing, this blogging thing was rather easy if I can assume I have done it correctly, then anyone can do it, even federal inmate, ex-governors who share the name (see BLOG-oy-oh-vich) who most likely, while in prison has helped create yet another meaning of the verb “to be blogged” !  Too soon?

-Paul Bolger



Well, it didn’t happen exactly the way we’d planned it, but it’s going to happen nonetheless, and we are even more excited than we were.  At the time we found out we had to postpone the opening, it seemed like the worst thing in the world, and although it wasn’t great, it has afforded us some extra time to complete some finish items that might have had to wait, to work with our new staff a little longer, to get our brand new state of the art sound system tuned properly, and just in general get a little more time to make sure everything works – ultimately, it will lead to a better opening weekend for all, and a better experience for you.

We are thrilled that we were able to get the same great bands (albeit in a different order) for the open!  Tributosaurus will Become ELO – their most requested band that they have not yet conquered – and that is a spectacle that will put any sound system to the test!  And don’t worry Springsteen fans – Trib will be bringing that show to Wire very shortly too, and we’ll hopefully be able to announce it in a week or so.  Then Mr Blotto will fill up Saturday with jams galore, and there will be some special guests I hear – should be a night to remember!

Thanks for sticking with us through this, and we can’t wait to show you our new playground – it’s going to be amazing.  See you at the shows!

Chris Neville



I have to say, there have been times over the last months that I have doubted we would ever get here.  But we kept putting one foot in front of the other, and here we are – almost ready for the opening.  Sure, there are a TON of odds and ends still going on, and we will be working right up to the open to get everything in shape, but we will have great music and refreshment for all on September 13 and 14, and we know the club will look, and most importantly, sound fantastic – so what else is there?  Well, there’s a lot, but hopefully you won’t even notice, because that’s our problem.  Mostly we are just excited to show you our place.  We know it’s going to be amazing, and we know you are going to love it – so come and join us!

We will sell some tickets online a week out (ticketing is one of the many details we are still putting the finish on), but there will be tix at the door for both Mr Blotto and Tributosaurus, so head out either way.

In the coming days we will have more info going up here about the opening, as well as about the pending school opening, which is close on it’s heels.  It’s a very exciting time, and we can’t wait for you to see the result!

Chris Neville
Managing Partner



Last night, Frank Zappa appeared to me in a dream as an angel of light. Well that’s not exactly true. I DID just wake up at 9:13 AM from a dream that Zappa was in. And he WAS beaming out light so much so that I had trouble seeing anything around us. It was at the Vic theater, behind the FOH soundboard mix position. He was watching the opening band and commenting softly to himself, musings that I could not pick up. I interrupted his moment by gingerly telling him I was never that into his band, but that recently my friend Tony had turned me on to Zappa with some recordings like “Willie the Wimp” and the “Roxy” shows. Frank seemed amused at my candor and smiled wryly with a “better late than never” look on his iconic face. Anyway I continued, given that scenario, what should I listen to next to get further into his formidably vast canon? Frank said that people seemed to like “Apostrophe”. I wouldn’t say he said it dis missively  but there IS a moment when an artist can no longer relate to a piece he/she did so long ago and so many spins ago. Moving on and backpedalling slightly, I told him that I had trouble getting into Zappa probably because he was playing beyond me, out of my musical listening ken. He said, “or maybe we were playing BELOW your ken” as he cocked an eyebrow comically. His point was, as I took it, that we don’t know how others listen or hear. We began talking about the notion that there are probably Mozarts out there in the world who don’t know their gift. Who don’t know that the way they hear music is different or remarkable. We talked about how many masterpieces go unwritten. Wow. At this point in the dream we were back stage so the show must have been over. He shook my hand and nodded and backed out the room into an open door that was flooding with light from the other side.

I just woke up and wrote this dream down. It’s 9:38 AM. I am putting on my only Zappa vinyl “Apostrophe” which I bought but never listened to. And I am hit with renewed excitement to get WIRE started so we can reach some kids/adults who may have gifts they never dreamed of.

-Paul Bolger



As you may or may not have realized, an integral part of Wire is the record label.  However, the term “record label” in the traditional sense probably does not apply here…we are really looking to create a business and promotional infrastructure that is accessible to all of the talent that comes through Wire, designed to take them to the next level – whatever that level might be.  Sure, there will be some artists that we will choose to promote in a more traditional sense, financing recording and directly promoting, but in a broader sense it will be a set of tools that we will help all artists access and use.

We also will be creating fairer and more transparent deals with our artists, based more directly on what services they use, rather than expectations being met or not met, and always being directly available and responsible to  the artist.  in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more about these ideas, and also asking for your input – I’ve attached the story of James Taylor’s label issues here, and unfortunately, it’s a common story for many artists – and most artists without JT’s resources have no recourse.  Wire looks to find a better way – musicians helping musicians to build a better method for all.  If you’ve had an unfortunate experience with a label, or if you have an idea of how things could work better, please tell your story in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!

Chris Neville



On August 10th, my project entitled Aqua Luces came online for the good people of Tampa. It was ten months in the making and when Mayor Buckhorn threw the switch all was revealed.

The reviews from the people of Tampa were glowing and goes to show, that a little love and attention to aesthetics really goes a long way.

So besides the networks all giving their spin on things, the many artists and photographers are having their say on how they see them below.

If you ever find yourself in the Tampa area, please take the time to take a look at them.

Part of my production classes will discuss how to make such dreams come to life.

Next up, I will doing lights for Mr Elvis Costello in Milwaukee & Chicago this weekend.

Stop by and say hello.

Tracey Dear.



As we venture down this road and get this amazing musical facility built, we will be posting musical musings as well as information about the experience here for all of you to see and comment on.  Please keep an eye on this space to interact with us as we post about different aspects of the business – remember, Wire only works if you get involved!

I will be posting here, but so will all of the partners, and I gotta say – it’s pretty exciting.  Just this evening I was with my 4 year old twins and the great percussionist, Kalyan Pathak, watching as he went through all the myriad drums he has in his workspace, telling them info about the cultures they came from, and letting them touch and play them as he went – and it was miraculous to see the kind of interest and engagement real hands-on interaction with music can bring out, even in someone so young.  And that kind of joy of discovery still happens – at least for me – when I am able to really interact with a talent like KP in an environment that is comfortable, and warm – and that’s what we’re building for ALL musicians of all ages and skills.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

– Chris Neville



I came across 2 Altec mic pre-amplifiers last week – each 4 rack spaces and 50 pounds.  One works perfectly and one has an issue (don’t we all).  The issue one has a weird distortion out of the monitor jack.  It’s my favorite, everybody already has good sounding stuff, right?  It turns out I had to move half the rack stuff in my stuff to fit these Atlecs in.  And I did – The End.

Jon Smith